A membership to take your creative careers to the next level.

As a freelance artist or designer it can be difficult to find the structure and help needed for you to grow your creative business.

Here is where your creative journey will become a lot easier. Less stress. More support. More transparency. More confidence & know-how.

The Creators Club is a place where freelancers can develop their freelance career. A place supported by people who give a damn about empowering creative freelancers to do what they love, take care of their creative business, and make the money they deserve.

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Get unlimited access to stress-reducing, game-changing, move-making tools & resources

What's in it for you?

Downloadable Resources

Unlimited access to the entire learning library, filled with e-books, videos, tools and workshop access.
New additions every month.

Powered by experience

All content is backed by years of knowledge, experience and people who genuinely give a toss about enhancing creative careers.


Regular group support and Q & A sessions to help you with any issues or struggles you're facing (and to big up your wins!)


✔️ 💻  INSTANT ACCESS to the toolkit, filled with a ton of career-boosting learning content.

✔️ 📍 FREE entry to any events and/or workshops hosted by Creative Champs (virtual or IRL)

✔️ 🤝  FREE access to Q & A and support sessions.

✔️ 📱 1-1 CONSULTATIONS included in annual membership plans.

✔️ 💷 DISCOUNTED rates on courses for all members.

✔️ ⚡️Cancel anytime - no pressure.

🔥 See the full list of resources on release day - click here to sign up to the waitlist to get first dibs.



















Who is the creators club for?

All content is tailor-made with freelance artists, designers and business owners within visual arts industries in mind.
A subscription for those who want to find ways to make their creative skills work for them.

What exactly is included as part of membership?

Access to the entire creators toolkit - a growing library of learning resources, formulas and tools, including the Pricing Formula Kits and webinar replays.

Free access to support sessions, giving creators the opportunity to speak about their experiences, struggles and/or wins with likeminded people. In addition to this, members also have the floor to ask any questions in regards to their creative practice to help them move past any roadblocks.

Free entry to any webinars led by Creative Champs during your subscription.
The opportunity for private consultations as part of annual membership (both monthly and annual options will be made available.

Can I cancel anytime?

Hey, if you find you're having a bit of a tight month, or you feel you've got all you need for now - you're free to cancel at anytime. Once you cancel, you will receive access for the remainder of your subscription period. You won't be charged again unless you re-subscribe.