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Portfolio Tips w/ Aries Moross

Creative Champs Founder Kei Maye & Creative Director Aries Moross offer portfolio tips for visual artists & designers.
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3 Ways To Generate Income for Creators

Article written for Creative Lives in Progress offering 3 ways to generate income for visual artists & designers.
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F*ck Being Humble Interview

Hosted by Founder Stefanie Sword-Williams & Foundation FM - featuring Rani Patel Williams & Kei Maye
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champs university

Classes, tutorials and replays led by industry specialists.
Switchin Gears In Later Years

A guide to pivoting and transitioning into creative careers for creators aged 25 & up.

Discovering Your Creative Path w/ Lizzie Reid

A reflective session for you to design your own creative box as a reminder that you never need to fit into anyone else's.

Creative Process
Guide to Selling Products Online

This class will give you top tips and tricks for selling your art-based products online.


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Dive into season one of the Creative Champs podcast featuring bite-sized valuable chunks of creative industry tips, tricks and banter.

Kei packs in so might insight into their podcasts giving honest advice. It comes from a place which is so relatable compared to some information out there which is so overwhelming and the goals seem unobtainable. Thank you for sharing.

Giving out great and much needed information oh and very funny.

Kei Maye gives you the inside scoop on the lows of the creative industry and provides you with simple and effective solutions to thrive and prosper.
I highly recommend everyone to listen, whether a new or established creative you’re sure to learn or relate to the issues raised in each episode! I look forward to the next!
Thanks Kei Maye


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