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Jan 2024

Founders Update ;)

Hey lovely creators and gentlefolx! Kei here.

Straight to the point - I'm off on a huge break.

Those of you who follow me on social media (which I've decided to deactivate, more on that in a sec) may or may not know that I've started my new job as senior digital learning coordinator within an arts-centred university. I'll be taking some time to get stuck into things, show up fully for this position and show up fully for myself.

It's always been just me here at Champs, keeping everything going. It's been an amazing three and a half years, having worked with many creative organisations, charities and universities. I'm forever grateful for the opportunities, the repeat clients and the dope creators I've met along the way.

My mental health took one hell of a bashing during 2023. So did the nations' pockets. Budgets were cut, spending was decreased and for many of us, this meant that work opportunities were spread out and a lot harder to come by. Things also got incredibly lonely and I realised that actually, I wanted to work as part of a wider team. I no longer enjoyed working alone.

I, along with many others suffered with stress, business-related challenges and the effects of financial anxiety for the majority of the year. Things finally started to pick up speed from September, however, I had already made the decision to transition into a permanent working set-up.

Social media didn't help either. As my income is no longer as dependent on my social media presence, I've taken this opportunity to give myself a much needed extended break from the platforms. For the whole of 2024, I will be deactivated across social media platforms to reclaim my energy, time and my sanity.

That being said, all existing digital resources will remain available as I will keep the website open for at least a year. I am working on something additional, to be released in time once I've settled into my new role.

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As it stands...I'm a retired freelancer. This may be subject to change, but for the time being - this is what it is :)

If you want to stay in touch, or have any questions about any digital products you've purchased you can either click here for the FAQ's page or contact me via e-mail

Thank you all for your support, you're all great. I hope you all keep creating, I hope you are all able to continue doing the things you enjoy and earn sustainably. I hope you all get paid on time, and I hope that those of you who are waiting for payment, get paid the same week you happen to read this.

I'll catch you on the other side!

Kei Maye
Founder, Creative Champs Ltd

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