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Common issues I hear from freelance creators and creative business owners:

😐 Companies & individuals charging thousands for access to resources and support.
😐 University courses not offering much guidance for those who want to go freelance or self employed after leaving/graduating.

😐 Gatekeeping from people in seemingly 'higher' positions, leading to feelings of impostor syndrome, lack of confidence and self-belief.
😐 Dealing with difficult clients, difficulty getting clients in the first place, in need of guidance and support to manage & secure creative projects to earn a sustainable living.

Do any of these ring a bell?

You want to make a living using your creative skills in some way, but you don't know how to generate steady income.

You want some support and access to essential resources, but everything is so ridiculously expensive and inaccessible.

Unsure how to secure clients, where to find them or where to even begin. The whole business side of things is confusing.

If the answer is yes - Creators Club was created specifically to support you.

Creators Club is here to help.

A support system for visual creators & creative business owners.

With Creators Club membership, you'll get unlimited access to the exclusive video centre, expertly led classes & the learning library filled with top-quality materials that will help you grow your creative skills.

Plus, you'll have direct access to an experienced industry specialist who can help you out with your biggest creative career struggles.

Club Features

Instant access to Tutorials, classes and webinar replays including 'Bread'
Unlimited access to over Β£500 worth of downloadable learning content.
Private & Group consultations included, usually Β£99 - Β£279.
Space to connect, get feedback and promote your exhibits.
Included access to classes led by industry experts and specialists.

Creators Club will help you to:

Build different income streams using your creative skills, with all the tools to do so.

Manage client projects efficiently & increase the value of your services.

Attract more clients and figure out where to find them to get work flowing steadily.

Price your creative products & services with tried and tested formulas and methods.

Build confidence, do away with impostor syndrome and live the creative life you want.

Learn more about the business side of your creative practice to help you thrive.

Upcoming Classes

Check out this snippet of upcoming events for Creators Club members πŸ”₯
Even more game-changing classes lined up inside!

Learning Library Preview

Project Management

Difficult Clients 2: Creating Contracts

Part 2 of the Difficult Clients Masterclass. Learn how to get those contracts air-tight.

Setting Boundaries with Clients

Part 3 of the Difficult Clients Masterclass - your guide to setting boundaries for client projects.

Creative Pricing Methods

A detailed guide designed to help you select the right pricing methods for your creative projects.

What makes Creators Club a bit...different?

No faff, no fuss. No false pretences, gimmicks or any of that fake stuff. You'll always get truth and transparency.

Real support, community, a shoulder and conversation with people who give a damn about you winning.

Speaking from experience. The club is a culmination of nearly two decades of walking the talk.

Meet the founder

Hey! I'm Kei Maye. I'm a multi-disciplinary creator, educator and founder, based in London.

I've been navigating various disciplines within the visual arts since 2004; totalling 17 years of navigating the creative industry.

I've spent 12 years freelancing, 5 years selling art-based products and licensing and 6 years working within the education sector, facilitating learning for young learners through to young adults.

Throughout the years, resources & support weren't features I had much access to, leading me to create and nurture my own opportunities and methods that have served me well throughout my career.

I want to share this with the creators of today. Providing you with the support and help you need to make a living through your creative practice without all the stress and worry.

I'm also your resident cat-lady. I love cats.


Worked with:

What creators have said about Champs' content

(All content available within Creators Club membership)

β€œFirst step in stepping my game up, thank you for this incredible platform, you have put WORK in!"

Creators Club

Lee @hybriddesire | Artist

"I had no clue where to start with pricing.

This material takes you, as a beginner, through the mindset for why you should set reasonable prices and suggests formulas to set your own rates. I felt like my hand was held throughout and now I’m feeling confident to quote my prices and not settle for less.

I would go so far as to say that I’m actually taking myself more seriously as a whole."

'Pricing Formula Kit' available in the Learning Library

Katie@calamitykatiedesigns | Surface Pattern Design

"After following Creative Champs and Kei's work for a while and having acquired past products, I knew I had to get my hands on the Pricing kit and OH WOW, did it help!!
I now have a base to guide me in pricing projects and negotiating rates; I feel backed up and validated as a creative.

Thankyou so much for this tool, one of the best and smartest business investments I've made so far!"

'Pricing Formula Kit for Creators' available in the Learning Library

Suzy @suzymora | Illustrator

"Kei's work has been a lifeline for me since starting my freelance career.

All of her words are reassuring, factual and truthful. After reading Kei's 'Pricing with Confidence' resource, I felt more confident in actually charging more and not apologising for it either.

It is something every creative needs in their resource toolkit."

'Pricing with Confidence' available in the Learning Library

Sinead @sineadtaylordesign | Branding & Design

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Who is Creators Club for?

Creators Club is for creative business owners, freelancers and practitioners within visual arts industries. Providing all of the tools to develop creative careers and build a sustainable income through creative practice.

How often is material updated?

Whether it's a class, a support session or a new addition to the learning library, fresh new content is consistently uploaded to the club member space each and every month. All members will receive e-mail updates with details of new additions and content ;)

Can I cancel anytime?

Sure thing! When you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to access membership material until your billing period ends.
PLEASE NOTE: If you cancel less than 7 days before your next payment is due - this payment will still be taken as it would have already been processed. Please note this is non-refundable.

If you are on an annual plan, all payments are set to one-time only - so no further payments will be taken unless you re-subscribe after your 12 month subscription has ended.

If you want to access the club after unsubscribing, feel free to just come back and sign up again when member doors are open ;)

What are the terms surrounding refunds?

As all content is instantly available within the member space, refunds are not available for this particular service.

Alternatively, if there is any content you would like to see in the space, feel entirely comfortable to shoot over requests or suggestions to

The greatest effort has been made to ensure the Creators Club space provides you with the tools and support you want and need to develop your creative careers. The goal is for you to be happy with the return on investment of your hard-earned money.

The door is open for your feedback.

How do private consultations work?

All annual subscribers will have the option to book 4 x 45 min private consultations throughout the year in addition to all other membership features.
Annual subscribers will be contacted via e-mail with a link to the appointment scheduler to get your first consultation session booked and get the ball rolling ;)

Sessions can be carried out via audio or video - entirely up to you and whatever you're comfortable with!

Please note: private consultations are not currently available for monthly subscriptions.

Do monthly subbies get consultations too?

Yes, every two weeks, monthly subscribers get access to group consultations called 'Creative Helpdesk'.
These group sessions are designed as a way for you to have your questions answered in Q & A style.
These sessions are 45 minutes long and are hosted over Zoom.
All members have free access to these sessions.

How will I be kept in the loop?

All Creators Club members will be sent e-mails every Monday evening with details on what's popping off that week.
There will also be updates posted in the Creators Club community forum to keep everyone up to speed.

All members will also be sent links to any virtual events on the day.

Will annual subscription auto-renew?

Annual subscriptions do not auto-renew. It's easy to forget when you've signed up for things over the course of a year isn't it? Last thing you want is for a wad of cash to fly out of your accounts because you forgot to turn off auto-renew - so it's been done for you :)

Annual subscriptions automatically expire after 12 months.

Can't find your question?

If you can't find your question answered here - send an e-mail over to or use the form right here on the contact page.