I'm Kei Maye, the founder of Creative Champs. 

I've been involved in the creative industry for 16 years now (yikes!) pivoting from freelancing to selling art-based products before landing in the world of creative education and coaching.

Using my colourful experiences, research and knowledge - I wanted to find a way to make the creative journey a far easier and more accessible one. 

To all of the creative graduates, junior, mid, heck - even senior level creators - there's something here to shave some of that stress off all of your heads.

Ready when you are. 

(Apart from weekends, the weekends are dedicated to my cats. Joking. Not.)


Informed. Confident. Prepared.

All seemed to be a pipe dream when graduating after a three year stint studying for a BA degree.

That was over a decade ago...but communicating with graduates, artists and designers over the years has revealed that not much has changed.

Common themes picked up during these conversations were:

  • Helpful information and barrier breaking internships reserved for those with higher incomes and/or popularity.

  • Difficulty knowing how or where to start.

  • A lot of focus on theory and aesthetics during studies - not enough on creative business and working practice.

  • Impostor syndrome and confidence issues relating to the above and other factors.

  • A lot of fogginess surrounding the business side of things.

The goal is to help you smash these pain points one by one. 

Formula Kit

Get your pricing worries under control with this tailor made creative pricing kit.


Punchy value packaged into digestible chunks. Perfect for toilet breaks.


Want some private coaching sessions? Coming in September. 

Champs has all the tools to not only get you up and running, but  developing and moving - you just have to be ready.

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