Creative Champs is an expertly led membership platform, designed to make things a hell of a lot easier for freelance creators within the visual arts*.

For the freelance creators

Many students leave uni feeling that they've been prepped and geared up for employment, i.e: the studios, the internships and the traditional 9-5 routes.
While there is nothing wrong with that, many of those who prefer to explore freelance and/or self-employment report feeling ill equipped and confused after university.

You can get in the club

Whether environmental, circumstantial, socio-political, there is no denying that there has long been a problem with under-representation within the arts.

A key part of Creative Champs' mission; level up the playing field through affordable, impactful learning. Designed to equip creators with the necessary tools to develop their creative practice, building confidence and relieving stress along the way.

No more jumping through hoops

Simply put - Champs is here to fill in the gaps and make this journey easier, helping put the right cogs in the right places to kick-start (and sustain) fulfilling creative careers.

Whether you've recently graduated and are trying to figure out how to even get started, or you're a little more experienced in need of an extra boost - Champs will provide you with the tools you'll need to make a living, doing what you love as a creator.

What's the story?

Founded by multi-disciplinary creator Kei Maye, Creative Champs is an educational platform for creators. Providing freelance visual creators and creative business owners easier access to career boosting tools & resources.

Image of Creative Champs founder Kei Maye standing in front of a microphone.

Meet the founder

Hey! I'm Kei Maye. I'm a multi-disciplinary creator, educator and founder, based in London.

I've been navigating various disciplines within the visual arts since 2005; from freelancing to selling art-based products and licensing.

In addition to this, I've spent 6 years working within the education sector, facilitating learning for young learners through to young adults.

Leading us up to today! Merging everything together to provide impactful resources for visual artists & designers.

I'm also your resident cat-lady.