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Pivoting (and why it's perfectly okay to do)
This post takes a closer look at the art of 'Pivoting' why it's okay and how it can enhance the quality of your life.
Handling Controlling & Micro-Managing Clients
This post will provide you with some top tips to navigate micro-managing client situations with confidence and finesse.
Dealing With Ageism Against Older Creators
Ageism across creative industries is alive, kicking & way more present than it should ever be, let's absolutely get into this discussion.
Getting Clients as an Introverted Creator
How do you go about building connections & clientele when socialising zaps your energy? Let's get into it.
Battling Burnout as a Self-Employed Person
A bite-sized guide to navigating self-employment and doing all the things without burning yourself out in the process.
Overcoming The Nagging Fear of Success
This is for you if you ever find yourself holding back from achieving big things because of a nagging fear of success.