August 1, 2021

10 Free Mock-Up Resources for 2021

Kei Maye

The benefits of using mockup templates when selling art-based products, is to help the customer paint a picture or visualise how the art or design work will look. This can be what makes all the difference between making that sale or not.

There are a tonne of options available for artists and designers to display their work in realistic ways, without having to spend a single penny. This article highlights the best high quality free mock-up resources available for use in 2021.

1. Mr Mockup

Mock-up of a glass bottle from Mr Mockup

Kicking things off with a super clean website. High quality varied selection of templates from signage to paper goods to packaging and clothing.

2. LS Graphics

Image of poster mock-up template from LS Graphics

This website offers a small selection in comparison to the other options, but they're super high quality items. They mostly consist of realistic paper goods and mock-up templates for devices.

3. Anthony Boyd

Image of a framed poster mock-up template on the wall

A personal favourite. Anthony Boyd's mock-ups always come packed with great attention to detail.

4. Mockups Design

This website offers a wide selection of mock-ups for paper goods, stationery and displays more than other itMany great options that don't look corny or 'fake'.

5. PlaceIt

Huge selection. Better yet, a solution for those who don't have access to Photoshop. Along with a mega collection of mock-up photos and objects, they also offer mock-up videos to add an extra dimension to your product displays.

6. Mockup World

Over 200 pages of top-notch free mock-ups all gathered in one place from all corners of the web. They have a massive set of choices available.

7. Pixel Buddha

Three mock-ups of tin cans from Pixel Buddha

This resource hosts a super random collection of inanimate object mock-up templates; many with a high quality look to help shine your art products in their best light.

8. Unblast

This website serves as a directory, similar to, featuring many templates sourced from all over the internet.

9. Pixeden

Mixture of free and paid options. Updated fairly frequently with some realistic looking options available.

10. Indie Ground

Mock up of a floppy disk from Indie Ground

Okay so this option features a super tiny selection of mock-ups, but they are quite a unique set of templates. Featuring a couple of textures and retro items.

If you sell art-based products, mock-up templates are your best buds.

If you don't have access to a high quality camera or struggle to find a way to display your art-based products in their best light, mock-up templates can wade in to save the day and help you showcase your art-based products to the world.