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The Creators Club gives you instant access to expert resources, support and content for freelancers and creative business owners to help you focus on generating income and taking your creative career to the next level.

We believe in access for all.

Working to increase opportunities and the visibility of marginalised creators, including women, Black and POC creators, creators on a lower income and LGBTQ+ communities.

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Do any of these ring a bell?

I want to make a living with my skills but don't know how to generate a steady income.

I need support and resources but I'm tired of every course and workshop costing more than I'm earning.

I want to make a living doing what I love, but the whole business side of things seriously stresses me out.

Good news - Creators Club will help you take control of your creative career.

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Up The Ante: How To Level Up Your Creative Career

June 30, 2022 7:00 PM

Creators Club will give you the tools to:

Increase your income streams and get paid what you're worth.

Manage client projects efficiently & increase the value of your services.

Learn the secrets to finding and attracting clients to get work flowing steadily.

Price your creative products & services with tried and tested formulas and methods.

Build confidence, do away with impostor syndrome and live the creative life you want.

Learn more about the business side of your creative practice to help you thrive.

Learn how to set rates for your creative work.
Client Management
Learn how to set boundaries without feeling icky.
Web Design
Learn how to create a dope Squarespace website.
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Learn how to kick your client projects off on the right foot.
Learn how to increase your prices with confidence.
Learn how to build a client attracting portfolio site.
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Get 1-1 Support

Things can get really tough as a creator - but just because you work alone, doesn't mean you have to go through things alone.
Get personalised support and help with your situations or nightmare experiences via the Creative Helpdesk.
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Get help with your portfolio sites

Get personalised, detailed feedback on your portfolio websites. We're on hand to help you create a portfolio that is sure to attract clients and boost your online presence.
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Unlock your creative potential and get the support you need to build your career in the creative industry.

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Who is Creators Club for?

Creators Club is for creative business owners, freelancers and practitioners within visual arts industries. Providing all of the tools to develop creative careers and build a sustainable income through creative practice.

Do you have any discounts for claimants of benefits?

There are discounts available for all who are claimants of all or one of the following:

✷ Universal Credit
✷ Disability Living Allowance
✷ Personal Independence Support

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What are the terms surrounding refunds?

The goal is for you to feel happy with the content on offer and that the resources are useful to you. If we have missed the mark, or you feel unhappy with the content shoot over an e-mail to: within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.
Also feel free to share your concerns; this space is for you all - open to any ideas for development :)

We're confident that Creators Club content will prove to be useful in some way and there will be no hoops or gymnastics to get your investment back if the resources on offer are of no value to you.

How will I be kept in the loop?

All Creators Club members will be sent e-mails every Monday evening with details on what's popping off that week.

There will also be updates posted in the Creators Club community forum to keep everyone up to speed.

All members will also be sent links to any virtual events on the day.

Can't find your question?

If you can't find your question answered here - send an e-mail over to or use the form right here on the contact page.