Resource Hub

Downloadable e-books, templates, tools & resources to help you on your creative journey.

Finding Direction Notion Template

This Notion template has been designed specifically to help you move past any roadblocks or uncertainty in regards to your career.

Late Payment Pack

Finding the words to say can make things even tougher; especially if you avoid confrontation like the plague. These templates will fill in the gaps.

Book of Resources

An ever-growing list of free or low-cost websites and resources to help you with some of your creative business and facilitation needs.

How to handle dodgy situations like a pro

Ooof. This is a guide to help you navigate the trickiest of situations as a creator. Includes real stories & solutions.

Book of Brand Colours 2

Second edition of the Brand Colours series - this time featuring visual examples of the colours alongside their psychological properties.

Killer Portfolio Checklist

This portfolio checklist provides actionable steps and tips to fully optimise your portfolios and build your client base.

Pricing Formulas for Art Products

Included in this guide are solid & simple pricing formulas for all of your art-based products.

Pricing Creative Services

Step-by-step formulas to price your creative services using a variety of pricing methods.
Project Management

Difficult Clients 2: Creating Contracts

Part 2 of the Difficult Clients Masterclass. Learn how to get those contracts air-tight.