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Guide To Mock-Up Templates

Learn how to showcase your art products in their best light using this comprehensive guide to mock-ups.

How to handle dodgy situations like a pro

Ooof. This is a guide to help you navigate the trickiest of situations as a creator. Includes real stories & solutions.
Project Management

Discovery Session Question Index Guide

This guide will provide you with a breakdown of the different types of questions to ask during a discovery session; to set your projects off on the right foot.
Project Management

A Guide to Discovery Sessions

This e-book will provide an insight as to what discovery sessions are and why they are an essential part of any freelance providing service.
Project Management

Client Invoice Tracker Tool

This simple & organised Excel tool will help you keep on top of your invoices for your client projects.

Pricing Formula for Negotiation

Access this simple step-by-step formula to help you negotiate and calculate a fair fee.

Guide To Pricing & Valuable Service

A comprehensive guide to providing value, charging your worth and attracting clients who pay.
Project Management

Discovery Session Questions Sheet

This e-book provides some examples of questions to ask during your discovery sessions, helping you to get all the tools you need to produce something impactful and valuable for your clients.
Project Management

Difficult Clients 2: Creating Contracts

Part 2 of the Difficult Clients Masterclass. Learn how to get those contracts air-tight.