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Project Management

Discovery Session Question Index Guide

This guide will provide you with a breakdown of the different types of questions to ask during a discovery session; to set your projects off on the right foot.
Project Management

Difficult Clients 2: Creating Contracts

Part 2 of the Difficult Clients Masterclass. Learn how to get those contracts air-tight.

Killer Portfolio Checklist

This portfolio checklist provides actionable steps and tips to fully optimise your portfolios and build your client base.

Guide To Getting Clients

Need a helping hand securing that steady flow of clients? This mini-guide will set you up with the tools you need.

Pricing with Confidence

Learn how to set your rates & increase your prices with confidence using this comprehensive guide to Pricing with Confidence.

Setting Boundaries with Clients

Part 3 of the Difficult Clients Masterclass - your guide to setting boundaries for client projects.

Introverts Guide to Networking

Top tips to help introverts build connections without feeling utterly exhausted and drained!

Build A Portfolio Website

In n need of some pointers to get things kicked off with your portfolio websites? This guide will set you on a steady track.

Pricing Formulas for Art Products

Included in this guide are solid & simple pricing formulas for all of your art-based products.