Resource Hub

Downloadable e-books, templates, tools & resources to help you on your creative journey.


Book of Brand Colours 2

Second edition of the Brand Colours series - this time featuring visual examples of the colours alongside their psychological properties.

Pricing Creative Services

Step-by-step formulas to price your creative services using a variety of pricing methods.

Book of Resources

An ever-growing list of free or low-cost websites and resources to help you with some of your creative business and facilitation needs.
Project Management

Client Invoice Tracker Tool

This simple & organised Excel tool will help you keep on top of your invoices for your client projects.

Creative Pricing Methods

A detailed guide designed to help you select the right pricing methods for your creative projects.
Project Management

A Guide to Discovery Sessions

This e-book will provide an insight as to what discovery sessions are and why they are an essential part of any freelance providing service.

A Guide To Chasing Payments

Part 1 of the Difficult Clients Masterclass - how to deal with and prevent late payments.

Pricing Formula for Negotiation

Access this simple step-by-step formula to help you negotiate and calculate a fair fee.
Project Management

Discovery Session Questions Sheet

This e-book provides some examples of questions to ask during your discovery sessions, helping you to get all the tools you need to produce something impactful and valuable for your clients.