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one-stop shop for creative support ✐

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Upcoming Events


How do I join a Creative Helpdesk session?

All you need to do hit RSVP on the helpdesk session you want to join ;) Those who RSVP are directly e-mailed a link to the session before it takes place.
All members are sent an e-mail bulletin every Monday evening. These include Zoom links to any sessions taking place that week.
Take a look at upcoming virtual events here.

How do I attend a virtual event?

Similar to the Creative Helpdesk sessions, RSVP to receive the zoom link via e-mail directly before the event takes place.
You'll find links to these events in the Monday bulletin if they are happening that week as well as in the event calendar.

How do I join the creators club community?

The community space is hosted on the Circle platform (no worries about outages on there, Zuckerberg can't find us.)
Click here to create an account and gain access. If you have any issues, get in touch with me at and I'll get you in there ;)

What are the terms surrounding refunds?

Due to the instantly accessible nature of all content, refunds are not available for this service.

All efforts are made to ensure everyone is aware of all that's included as part of membership in terms of content and access to features.

If you have any concerns or queries about any aspect of Creative Champs products and/or services - shoot an e-mail over to:

How do private consultations work?

All annual subscribers will have the option to book 4 x 45 min private consultations throughout the year in addition to all other membership features.

Annual subscribers will be contacted via e-mail with a link to the appointment scheduler to get your first consultation session booked and get the ball rolling ;)

Sessions can be carried out via audio or video - entirely up to you and whatever you're comfortable with!

Please note: private consultations are not currently available for monthly subscriptions.

Can we make requests for content?

This space is here to make life easier for you on your creative journeys and to support you along the way. If there are any areas you would like some help with or would like to be considered - get in touch via email -

Best efforts will be made to make good on requests.

Do I have to join the community or events?

It's entirely up to you how you choose to engage with content and what you're comfortable with.
Speaking as an introvert, I know at times it can feel quite daunting getting involved with everything - so there's no pressure.
I'm an e-mail away (or a message away if you do end up joining the community) if you have any questions or are looking for some support.

How can I see what events are coming up?

Check out the Creators Club event calendar for the scoop on upcoming events. If you find any that pique ya interest, feel free to hit RSVP or add it to your calendar.
If you select 'Follow Calendar' all events are automatically synced to the calendar of your choice so you know what's going on and when ;)

Can't find your question?

If you can't find your question answered here - send an e-mail over to or use the form right here on the contact page.

Click here for the privacy policy and here for the terms & conditions.

Meet the founder

Hey! I'm Kei Maye. I'm a multi-disciplinary creator, educator and founder, based in London.

I've been navigating various disciplines within the visual arts since 2004; totalling 17 years of navigating the creative industry.

I've spent 12 years freelancing, 5 years selling art-based products and licensing and 6 years working within the education sector, facilitating learning for young learners through to young adults.

Throughout the years, resources & support weren't features I had much access to, leading me to create and nurture my own opportunities and methods that have served me well throughout my career.

I want to share this with the creators of today. Providing you with the support and help you need to make a living through your creative practice without all the stress and worry.

I'm also your resident cat-lady. I love cats.