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✺ It can be bloody hard to be seen.

It really can be. Standing out in this super busy planet is no easy feat which is why the Creative Shop List was created. Helping to lighten the load a bit.

All shop owners will have the chance to be featured on the Creative Champs homepage via the random rotation system (pretty cool) as well as a dedicated space on the directory.
The goal is to have your shop featured on as many different screens as possible; sharing your store - getting you some traffic 🚥 helping you to make a living; doing and selling what you love.

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✺ Monthly goodies for your goods.

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Tips and advice brought to you by years and years of experience & the squidgy bits in between.
Loads of moving parts broken down into chunks.

No fluff - just straight up talk on a level from those who have been there, done that and want to help you do the thing too.

✺ What's the criteria?

- This directory is currently only for online stores, so your shop must be online.
- Your shop must currently be open.
- Must be your own shop and not submitted on behalf of anyone else (unless you are assisting the creator)

✺ Can my shop be removed?

Quality is top of the league table around these parts! If, by any teeny chance your shop happens to receive a bunch of negative reviews from disgruntled customers, this will be a cause for investigation and possible removal to ensure quality control.
You will always be contacted in advance should anything like this go down - but let's face it - this isn't likely to happen!

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I have digital products, can I apply?

Sure thing! This creative shop list is open for ready-made products of both a physical and digital nature.
This includes products like website templates, printed planners, stickers, printables etc

I don't sell products, but I provide a service, can I apply?

The shop list features sellers of ready-made products. There is a separate directory specifically for freelance service providers within the visual arts (you can check this out here) although access to apply for this will resume in the first quarter of 2022.

How long will my shop be listed for?

Your shop will be listed for 12 months.

What details do I need to submit?

As of now, while the Creative Shop List is in beta mode, not too much is needed.

- Shop name
- Country
- Links to shop & social media platforms
- Shop description

This space, like Champs is in a constant state of progress and development, so be on the look out for any changes!

How often will I receive the emails?

You'll get tip mail in your inbox once a month. You'll receive your first arrival 30 days after you sign up. The only other times you may be sent emails are to let you know of any changes.

Can't find your question?

If you can't find your question answered here - send an e-mail over to or use the form right here on the contact page.