Please have a read of this first!

This is a minimum rate calculator

This means that this tool has been designed to provide you with an idea of a minimum hourly rate to charge for non-commercial creative services.

This is a guide-only tool

Factoring in elements of cost plus based pricing and years of experience, this is a basic, standardised pricing tool to serve as a guide.

If your expenses are lower than £1000

If you have total expenses lower than £1000 each month - insert £1000 in the monthly expenses section. This will serve as the minimum in order for this formula.
The reason for this is because part of this formula relies on cost plus pricing methods, so if your expenses are significantly lower than this amount, this may reduce the rate to below minimum wage (and we don't want that!)

For commercial projects and services, click here to check out the shop page for access to more detailed formulas; including Project Rates, Day Rates, Licensing & Art-based products.

Minimum Hourly Rate Calculator

Designed to serve as an approximate guide for minimum hourly rates.