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The Introverts Guide to Networking
A Guide to Pricing & Valuable Service

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Guide To Pricing & Valuable Service

A comprehensive guide to providing value, charging your worth and attracting clients who pay.

Introverts Guide to Networking

Top tips to help introverts build connections without feeling utterly exhausted and drained!

Making Money for Creators

Webinar Replay: Learn different ways to generate income using your creative skills.

Setting Boundaries

Part 3 of the Difficult Clients Masterclass - your guide to setting boundaries for client projects.

Client Invoice Tracker

This simple & organised Excel tool will help you keep on top of your invoices for your client projects.

Creative Pricing Methods

A detailed guide designed to help you select the right pricing methods for your creative projects.

A Guide To Chasing Payments

Part 1 of the Difficult Clients Masterclass - how to deal with and prevent late payments.

Pricing Formula for Negotiation

Access this simple step-by-step formula to help you negotiate and calculate a fair fee.

Guide To Mock-Up Templates

Learn how to showcase your art products in their best light using this comprehensive guide to mock-ups.