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Pricing With Confidence
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Creators Toolkit

Pricing Formula for Negotiation

Access this simple step-by-step formula to help you negotiate and calculate a fair fee.

Guide To Mock-Up Templates

Learn how to showcase your art products in their best light using this comprehensive guide to mock-ups.

Pricing Formulas for Memberships

Straight-forward step-by-step formulas to price your membership/subscriptions.

Guide To Stress-Reducing Contracts

Part 2 of the Difficult Clients Masterclass. Learn how to get those contracts air-tight.

Discovery Session Pack

Get things kicked off on the right foot with this comprehensive discovery session pack.

Pricing Formulas for Art Products

Included in this guide are solid & simple pricing formulas for all of your art-based products.

Pricing Creative Services

Step-by-step formulas to price your creative services using a variety of pricing methods.