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This snapshot of some of CC's past & present engagements illustrate Champs' involvement in various creative initiatives, to give you a good idea of what this is all about. If you're interested in arranging a similar class or event for your creative group or program, don't hesitate to get in touch ;)

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Manchester Met University

E-Learning Development

Online Self Study Kit: How to become a Workshop Facilitator

Created written, visual and video-based content for an online self-study kit, designed to help under-represented people enter the public speaking / workshop facilitation space.

(North of England based University)

E-Learning Development

Online Course: How to become a Freelancer.

Entire course production including quizzes, videos, e-books, interactive scenario-based learning and resources. Providing tools and tips to help students and alumni take those next steps to become informed & thriving freelancers.

UAL Careers & Employability


Pitch It: Creative Enterprise Funding

Judged 20 creative business pitches from students and alumni along with other creative industry experts.

Arts Student Union


How to price creative services

Provided the students with insights into various pricing techniques, and equipped them with step-by-step formulas to help them to price their creative services with confidence.

Rose Bruford College


Industry talks: Career story

Contributed my personal perspective on my creative career journey so far, as a participant in the Industry Talks program, which aimed to demystify the entry points into creative professions.

Manchester Met University


Project Management

Delivered a presentation on effective management of creative projects, covering areas ranging from organisation and time management to well-being and collaboration with others.

Good Growth Hub


Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

This class was to delivered to help creators tackle that pesky pest impostor syndrome, and learn how to turn it into a positive force for their career growth and self-confidence.



Creative Shift: How to Make Money for Creators

The goal of this class was to help creative students & alumni tap into their creative talents and transform them into income streams. A bunch of methods were shared that would allow them to quietly work their magic behind the scenes, without adding to their workload.

The Old Waterworks


Artist Mentoring Sessions



How to Start a Creative Business

This session was to assist creators in the ILN programme in building sustainable, top-notch creative businesses. Within the session, a lot of ground was covered, from smart financial prep to personal branding to savvy working methods.

Bow Arts


Guide to Freelancing

This class was a helping hand to freelancers. Sharing tips on building a rock-solid freelance career, talking about how to attract clients, deliver value, provide top-notch work, and very importantly, how to establish trust to keep those projects rolling in.



Content Filming: Advice for Freelancers

Manchester Met University


Pricing & Negotiation
Guide to Creating a Personal Brand

I had the pleasure of teaching two classes for the RISE programme. One was all about pricing and negotiating, and the other focused on helping students develop their personal branding identity so they can confidently show up as their authentic selves in creative business.



Creative Futures: Building A Brand Identity

This class was for creative entrepreneurs on the Creative Futures programme, helping them learn what it takes to create strong and memorable visual branding identities for their projects & businesses.

Good Growth Hub


Guide to Contracts & Invoicing

This class was to simplify the often overwhelming world of contracts and invoicing, to make it less daunting for everyone involved. Providing tips to help strengthen their contracts moving forward, and make future projects moving along as smoothly as possible.


Group Mentoring

Queer Circle: Creators Mentorship

Good Growth Hub


Finding Your Direction

This session was to help creators who might be feeling unsure about their next career steps. We explored different methods and strategies to help them gain clarity and make the decision-making process a lot easier moving forward.

Manchester Met University

Video Recording

Filming of Content for Short Course: Confidence & Self Advocacy

Good Growth Hub

E-Learning Development

Downloadable Resource Production

Created several downloadable guides and templates to help the creators within their various programmes feel confident and well equipped to navigate freelance careers.

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