'How do I price my services? I mean, where do I even start?'

Unsure where to even start when calculating rates for your creative services?

Tired of all the uncertainty and guesswork?

What if I told you there's a way to make this whole pricing malarkey so much easier?

The Pricing Formula Kit is a no-nonsense package.

Straight up strategies and formulas to price your creative products and services in a way that not only suits you as an individual but also makes sure you're paid properly for the work you do.

What's inside?

Straight up formulas with no faff or fuss.

Step by step guides for different pricing methods.

Over 60 pages of guided material.

Guide to pricing methods for creative services

Separate automated pricing tools.

Pricing list organiser.

What are people saying?

A bit of background...

I'm Kei (hey) a digital content producer and the founder of Creative Champs.

I've spent 16 years in the creative industry navigating as a freelance web & graphic designer before pivoting into selling art based products, public speaking and creative coaching.

I know all about the difficulties with pricing, first-hand. I used to charge far too little for my services and the thing is - I didn't even realise at the time.

In fact, back then, I felt bad charging anything above £50 for my services, as I had convinced myself I was being greedy. (Yikes)

I found it virtually impossible to ask for help with prices as a lot of the people around me were bloody guessing as well.

I quickly realised that the answer wasn't to be found in sourcing 'industry standards' or the opinions of others - but instead through finding ways to set pricing to suit my own personal needs and wants while communicating the value I have to bring.

I slowly began to teach myself the fundamentals of pricing, the varying factors, expenses, and everything in between. 

I spent time creating formulas to help me set rates that were sustainable, covered my expenses and also allowed me to take home some profit on top.

These formulas have enabled me to generate income streams on my own terms, making five figures from licensing artwork within one year, as well as giving me the freedom to step away from jobs that were making me unhappy. 

I'm sharing all of these formulas with you so they can help you out the same way they've served me so well for all of my years, whether that's been licensing art work, hosting workshops or delivering a freelance art or design service. We're gonna get those rates sorted, no more worrying!

The Creative Formula Pricing Kit will give you the tools to:

Learn how to calculate rates using simple but effective formulas for a range of pricing methods.

Find out how you can spend less time trying to work out fees and free up more time to create and do other things you enjoy.

Work out your 'no go below' zones so you know when you're going too low, with the help of tailored formulas and their adaptable features.

To keep it one hundred with you, pricing is and always has been the elephant in the room.

How many times have you thought to yourself:


"I'm not sure how much something like this should cost."

"Are my prices too high? Or too low?"

"I wasn't sure so I just went with a number that sounded alright."

Be finally done with the guesswork.

Step by step formulas to calculate:

Hourly & Day Rates

Licensing Rates

Monthly Retainers





Project Rates

...in your sleep.

Also Included in the kit:

Formulas For:

  • Product Pricing

  • Premium Product Pricing

  • Selling Art Pieces

When you are unsure about your pricing; this leads to guessing and 'hunches'.

The trouble is, when you've got skills under your belt, experience behind you (professional or not) and bills to pay, it's important that you are being paid properly for the work you do - guessing isn't going to help you with this.

The formulas in the CPF Kit are designed to mesh components together to generate solid rates and also equip you with the tools work out exactly what your 'no go below' zones are.


No more lowballing and sh*tting on yourselves.

 This is for you if: 

You are a visual artist or designer who provides creative services and/or art based products as part of your business.

You are looking for a simple but effective way to calculate your rates.

You are tired of lowballing yourself and recognise you deserve more.

Common questions

Who has this kit been designed for?

This is for visual artists, designers, freelancers - anyone who provides creative services within the visual arts and/or sells physical art based products.

Is this kit only applicable to UK residents?

The formulas used can be applied wherever you are in the world.

The currency used throughout the formulas are GBP, but this can be changed to suit you, wherever you are on the map.

What level of experience do I need to have?

All experience levels welcome! These methods can be used by all, regardless of whatever stage you're at in your creative journey.

What kind of files are in the kit?

Included in the kit are 3 PDF ebooks & 3 Spreadsheets. 

Will this be available as a physical copy?

Currently available as a digital product only as there are automated tools included that require use of a computer/device. There is also the likelihood of additional information being included in the kit over time (to coincide with this...fast moving world we live in.)

For convenience, everything will be updated quickly via digital mediums.

Are these updates going to cost me extra?

Nope. Not a red penny. Once you've purchased your kit, you will receive any and all updates directly to your inbox for no additional fee. You're already covered.  All updates will also be announced on all social media platforms (creative.champs)

What is your refund policy?

As the full value of the digital item is available upon purchase, it isn't possible for refunds to be processed. However, if you have any concerns about the product or would like to suggest any updates to the kit so that it can fully meet your needs, feel free to get in touch to discuss possible updates :) hi@creativechamps.co

I want to make this journey easier for you however I can, so just let me know if there's anything you want to ask about or give feedback on.

Ready to get this pricing thing under control?

  • Formula deck with over 60 pages of guidance.

  • Step by step guide for 7 different service pricing methods.

  • Unique formulas with adaptable features to meet your individual needs.

  • Essential guide to pricing methods.

  • Product Pricing Formulas.

  • Product Pricing automated tool.

  • Price list template to organise your numbers.

  • Hourly, Day & Monthly automated pricing tools.

Anything you're unsure about?​ Get in touch :)


No more stress.

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