This formula kit is for Freelancers, Artists, Designers & Creative Business Owners within the visual arts industries.


All entry levels! 

Formulas included are for both creative services and art-based product sellers.


A comprehensive pricing method and guide featuring a:


  • 65 page formula book with step by step guides to calculate your own creative service rates from scratch.
  • An additional formula book with step by step calculations to price your art based products.
  • 15 page guidebook with a breakdown of various pricing methods you will need for different types of creative projects.
  • Rate organiser to store and organise your flat rates as well as project rates.
  • Hourly, Day & Monthly automation tool to work out your rates on the go.
  • Product Pricing automation tool.


This kit will give you the tools to calculate rates in your sleep. No more guesswork!


Any and all bonus material and/or updates made to the kit are sent out automatically.


Updated Additional Material


Aug 20 - Negotiating Rates Formula Guide added to the kit.


Oct 02 - Pricing for memberships.


Coming Next : Pricing for made to order.


Creative Pricing Formula Kit

  • 4 x PDF Files

    3 x Spreadsheets (Google Sheets, Excel & other spreadsheet software)

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