You've signed on the dotted line and now they're doing your head in. Let's get this sorted.


As a freelancer or service provider, you've no doubt had your fair share of awkward and difficult client situations.

From the micro-analysing nit pickers to the ghosts who vanish when it's time to pay up - let's face it, sometimes clients can be hell.

The Bad & The Badder works through some of your most difficult client situations, providing you with the resources and actionable steps to tackle these tricky problems as smoothly as possible.




What's Covered?


Chasing Payments - The client is taking forever and a day to pay up and you're not sure what steps to take & how to deal with it. No worries, you're covered.


Air-tight Contracts - Learn the ways you can beef up your contracts and payment terms to best protect everyone involved.


Rude Clients - How to manage clients who consistently cross boundaries and interact in disrespectful ways.


Dealing with Controlling Clients - Showing you steps to effectively deal with micro-managers, so you can crack on with your job.


Ending On Good Terms - How to amicably call time on a project for those who avoid confrontation like the plague.




What are the contents?


  • Video presentation
  • Written version via e-book
  • Q & A PDF with your questions, answered.




Who is it for?

Freelance Designers & Creators

Service Providers (Coaches, Consultants, Strategists)


The aim?

To leave you with actionable steps to effectively and confidently manage shitty client situations.


Is this live?

This content contains a mixture of pre-recorded video material and ebook content so you can learn in your own time. No live events taking place this time around.



Please note: This is a pre-order.


The digital learning bundle will be released on the 10th Feb 2021 at 7pm GMT. Those who grab the bundle via pre-order will have the opportunity to submit a related question during the checkout process.


The Bad & The Badder : How To Handle Difficult Clients

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