Discovery Session & Template Pack

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Discovery sessions are a vital part of the design process. Almost like a first date.

Helping you determine whether you and the client are a good fit, securing you with those high-quality project leads.

The Discovery Session pack provides you with the questions, the templates and all of the things you need to boost your project process.

What's Inside?

Discovery Session Guidebook - walking you through the fundamentals of a discovery session, equipping you with the tools to conduct a solid, productive meeting to help you qualify leads.

Question Index & Reference Guidebook - Providing you with a comprehensive set of questions along with their importance and reasoning for including these as part of your sessions.

Question Template Sheet - A printable template sheet with space to collate details and answers from your client during your discovery sessions.

Client on-boarding Process - This guide provides you with a sturdy working process to maximise the efficiency and quality of your output. Super straightforward to implement and follow.

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