Pricing Formulas for Creative Services

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Pricing your creative services just got easier.

Guesswork will not ensure we are paid properly for the work you do; no matter how much we may try.

This Pricing Formula guide provides a set of step-by-step calculations, providing you with solid working rates for your creative services; covering multiple methods from day rates to project rates and licensing to package prices.

What's Inside?

Formulas for a range of Pricing Methods:

  • Day Rates
  • Monthly Rates & Retainers
  • Project Rates
  • Value-Based (Premium) Project Rates
  • Licensing
  • Tiered/Package Pricing

Tailor-made Step-by-step formulas that have been tried, tested and used for almost the last decade (and counting) - taking off all the heavy lifting, leaving you with more time to get on with the fun stuff.

Automated Pricing Tool

Calculate rates for Hourly, Day and Monthly Rates on-the-go using the Excel pricing tool.

Who Is This For?
These formulas are for creative services within visual art and design industries.
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