Pricing Formulas for Art Products

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Unsure what to charge for your art-based products? Pricing Formulas for Art-Based Products is a one stop shop for pricing all of your art products.

It includes step by step formulas and a free tool to automate the process, taking into account; hourly rates, material costs, and more to calculate an accurate price for each individual product.

What's Inside?

Step-by-step formulas for a mixture of pricing methods including:

  • Standard Product Pricing
  • Premium Product Pricing
  • Gallery Pricing

As well as a pricing tool for standard automated pricing of all of your art products.

Pricing Formulas for Art-Based Products are a step-by-step guide to help you figure out how much to charge for your art.

There is an interactive pricing calculator that helps you automate the process of setting up your price list. You will need to know what your hourly rate and all of your costs are in order to use this product effectively.

Who is this for?

Creators of art-based products, including but not limited to:



Paper Goods


Gallery Listed art-work

You can use this product to figure out a solid, profitable price point in minutes.

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