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Classes & Workshops

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Virtual or In-Person

The mission is to provide informative and entertaining learning experiences for universities & organisations using almost 19 years of creative industry experience as rocket fuel.

I have been trusted by over 35 universities & organisations to deliver high-powered lessons chock-full of valuable knowledge, ready to help learners make those all important next steps in their careers.

- Universities
- Organisations
- Creative Programmes

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Downloadable Resources

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Downloadable Content

Enjoy the freedom of flexibly (and immediately) accessing expert content to help you level-up your freelancing and creative business! Top-notch resources to make it easier to conquer any freelancing roadblocks -  right at your fingertips.

- Individuals
- Solo Business Owners & Freelancers

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Customised Learning Resources

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Learning Resource Design

Are you looking to bring invigorating learning experiences into your creative organisations and programmes? Give it a boost with some custom-created materials! Get tailored learning content that not only educates, but provides an engaging, personable experience for every learner.

- Universities & Other Educational Institutions
- Organisations
- Businesses

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