Discovering Your Creative Path w/ Lizzie Reid

Creative Process
Lizzie Reid

A reflective session for you to design your own creative box as a reminder that you never need to fit into anyone else's.

This is an session for you to reflect, so if you can, set up a super comfy space! You can use your own notebooks or print the workbook attached. If you'd like to save paper then please only print the exercise pages and the special pattern on page 6 for you to cut out to complete throughout and make into 'your own creative box'!\

What you'll learn:

How to find your biggest, most powerful motivators affecting your creative paths.

How to bring these to forefront of your creative practice and help you solidify your creative pathways.

This is perfect for you if:

You're a creative seeking a more individually directed career where you are recognised for that thing but you aren't sure what that thing is yet.

You look for that 'thing everywhere but the pressure leads to further demotivation, self-doubt and confusion.

You're on a quest to discover/rediscover your creative path.

About the speaker:

Lizzie Reid is an artist creating space for reflection through illustration, facilitation and campaign design. Helping creative and holistic thinkers become better aware of how they can create connection through their purpose and in practice whilst meeting their internal needs.

To download the accompanying workbook created specifically for this session, click the text link below:

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